Paul’s Story

Paul’s Story

I am a 59 year old male  retired because of chronic 24-7 pain.

In my late 20’s,  I had some bladder problems and was told I had a small irritable bladder. This bothered me my entire life and a few years ago I was diagnosed with a bladder disease called Interstitial Cystitis. I found out later that this disease is related to Fibromyalgia. Also, at the same time I was told I had an enlarged prostrate.

I have worked in construction for 35 years, the last 15 owning my own company.   In 1985 I started to have back problems and, as a result, I  learned to live with chronic every-day lower back pain. Little did I know back  then that if that;s all I would ever have it would truly be a blessing.

Twenty years ago I started to notice my skin on my entire body was very sensitive,  especially my legs and scalp. It actually hurt to comb my hair. Also I began to develop chronic joint and muscle pain. I am not one for going to a

doctor but the pain began to affect my work so I have seen a few doctors over a period of years. They all told me the same thing. Your pain is job related and you need to quit. Obviously being married with young children this was not an option.

I pretty much gave up on doctors. I spent thousands on natural supplements and any kind of remedies found on the internet, all with zero positive results.

Because I was self employed,  I could work around the pain at its worst. It worked for several years and when the pain became too much I asked my family doctor for some pain meds, the first time in my life. He gave me medications for Fibromyalgia  which did not work for me, Finally I asked for some heav-duty pain medication just to make it through the day. I am now addicted to percoset and drink more than I should.

I have pain  24/7 in every square inch of my body. Luckily not always at the same time. As a result I am also suffering from depression. I have also been told I have gout, arthritis in my knee, neck and shoulders , chronic fatigue syndrome and irritable bowel syndrome. The latter two are quite common for people who suffer from Fibromyagia.

My worst symptom, is having a splitting headache non stop for over 2 years. If the pain in my head would go away, I think I could handle the rest.

I have distanced myself from family and friends, only because it’s too hard to try to have to explain myself why I cant do anything.   I do not feel sorry for myself but I have accepted my fate.  It is the people who love me I feel sorry for.  Nobody can understand what I’m going through unless they are in the same boat.

I come from a small city where doctors won’t even say the word Fibromyagia. I really dont know if I have Fibromyalgia.  All I know is the pain I feel every day of my life is real,  at least to me.

Having chronic pain may not be a death sentence as may cancer but anyone of you who suffer from this disease know your quality of life is zero!!!!!!!!!!!


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