A Chance To Be Heard

Dear Friends:

A chance to be heard –

The Government of Canada asks what Canadians would like to see in the next federal budget. This is the time for the ME/FM community to let our voices be heard.

The National ME/FM Action Network has prepared a letter for the Minister of Health with a copy to the Minister of Finance and a copy to your local Member of Parliament. You need the address for your local Member of Parliament, regardless of which party you choose. The envelopes need only to be addressed and no stamp is needed. Please encourage relatives and friends to do the same thing.

President, Margaret Parlor, of the Network met with an assistant of a Minister just recently who advised her that she had only heard about ME/FM about a month before. How is that possible, she asked? What that tells us is that the top officials are not advised as those seeing communications do not believe the information is important and do not refer it to the Minister in charge.

The National ME/FM Action Network has been communicating with the government for over 25 years and other organizations have done the same for the length of their existence. As long as there are people in influential positions who refuse to take ME/FM seriously, nothing will change.

Please take the time for your voice to be heard. The time is now until January 28, 2019.

Don’t react to unfairness but ACT for CHANGE.

Lydia E. Neilson, MSM
CEO, Founder


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