Why does my accent become more pronounced with a Migraine?

Why does my accent become more pronounced with a Migraine?

Along with ME/CFS, I started getting migraines and with that come to the warning signs that having been ill since 1986 I should be used to and able to cope with. The funny thing is, each time it happens, it is as if it is for the first time.

Once the full-blown migraine shows its ugly head, I get enlightened and know the other symptoms are related to the migraine. However, for some reason I can’t get it to my head it is the migraine until it actually arrives.

With me, a few days before my eyes have even more trouble coping with lights and noise and I start to have difficulty with completing thoughts, stumbling over my words and not to mention slowing-down my thinking process. I always have to absorb conversations before they seem to hit my brain and I can respond. Difficult enough and now I started noticing that my Dutch accent which is not too noticeable until I am coming down with a migraine. Why is that?

I usually don’t notice how I speak but when the migraine appears, I become very conscious of the fact that although I don’t sound like I just arrived but certainly don’t sound like I’ve been here a long time. This may not seem important to some people but I find it utterly frustrating and embarrassing. I try to avoid conversations wherever I possibly can and come across as an unusually great listener.


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