Dr. Charles Shepherd on Flu vaccination and ME 2018-19

Flu vaccination and M.E. (2018-19) by Dr. Charles Shepherd

Dr. Charles Shepherd, Hon. Medical Adviser of the UK ME Association, states there is no simple answer to that question but provides the most up to date information. Dr. Shepherd also advises that you and your doctor should make the final decision as to whether or not it will minimise the risk of catching an infection, “especially for someone already struggling with M.E.”

Dr. Shepherd explains the Science behind flu vaccines as well as make a free leaflet available for download.

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GOVERNMENT of CANADA on Prevention of flu (influenza)

This page outlines the various ways that you can minimize catching the flu. For details, please go to:


Flu (influenza) awareness resources


Flu clinics and resources from across Canada


For health professionals: Flu (influenza)

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