Being With the Suffering Makes You Suffer Too

I lost my mom Rose to a formal diagnosis of fibromyalgia, many years ago. When she passed away, it had been 6 years since I had seen her, many Christmas days without her and times of celebration lost. Her condition of pain and swelling kept her from flying, visiting, enjoying life. I allowed the time to pass between us because life does that, it gives you permission to make excuses for being too busy or too stressed to be around family. I needed her and loved her but couldn’t spend much time with her before I felt overwhelmed. She was not able to be the mother I needed for support because of her diagnosis. She needed my help and support. I remember the call came that we lost her suddenly and I felt so guilty that I didn’t do more for her. I could’ve been there, helped her, made it easier for her. It wasn’t easy for any of us. We can’t forget her. Her heart attack most likely from lyrica or other pain meds is a tragedy. Being with the suffering makes you suffer too. The only way for me to live at peace with her condition would’ve been if there was a cure. I commend the doctors that promote anti-inflammatory discoveries. Dr Raymond Perrin, Yasmina, Dr Lapp, Dr Yasko, Dr Klinghardt, all genius contributors to the chronic illness field. May your work and legacy continue on much after you do, may you be recognised for your achievements in this lifetime,
may you accept my sincerest appreciation. Thankyou,


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