How Difficult It Is To Keep Fighting

Michel’s Story

My doctor was completely convinced that I had ME/CFS and diagnosed me with that. Back in 2007 He was extremely patient and angry with the insurance company and spent a great deal of time and effort repeatinglly sending them his professional diagnosis. He reassured me he wouldn’t let me down. I loved to hear it.

The insurance company wanted a positive “test” however and there isn’t one and at that time easily got out of paying me.. The union lawyers were unable to produce any “test” results; They had to drop the case after 2 or 3 years of haggling.

The sad part is losing a career I relished. I was a science technician with the a District School Board for almost 12 years and set up experiments for high school students from grade 9 to grade 12. I almost always needed to participate amd worked with and along -side students and teachers; getting to watch them mature and succeed in that special environment. . It was fascinating and never a dull moment.

As an honours college graduate, I had the credentials to teach a general interest course in the evenings; showing adults how to create and maintain gardens for themselves.
I lost several of my reliable clients whose gardens I created and cared for. Work I loved to do and planned to use as a hobby and resource when I retired.

I learned to love the outdoors and took every opportunity to enjoy hiking the surrounding trails and hills.

It took my doctor 2 years of effort before I was accepted for CPP disability. If I had the strength, the resources, the help I would need on how to proceed; and of course, the marker that proves I have ME/CFS, I could sue, and possibly win my case, and do something more interesting than complaining too often. I read about two cases where the Judge’s decision went for the victims of the ME/CFS curse. If you read this short article, you get an idea of how difficult it can be for these people to keep fighting.

Woman with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome Sues Manulife for Disability Benefits

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