Tell your story

Dear Friends:

Some of you have written asking what your story should consist of and what length the articles can be. I have written down some answers some of you have asked:

  • Your Story can be any length;
  • You can write about a specific incident that occurred that has affected you;
  • You can write about when you first became ill and how you coped;
  • You can also write a poem instead;
  • There is no deadline for your Story;
  • Although you have to identify yourself to me for authenticity, we only publish as much of your identity as you are comfortable with;
  • You can use a pseudonym;
  • No one will be identified by name;
  • If you do not have a computer, writing by hand is fine and I will type it for you;
  • You can email me at;
  • You can send your story by landmail at
  • #512 – 33 Banner Road, Nepean, Ontario K2H 8V7 CANADA;
  • You can fax it to me at 613-829-8518

What is important is that you have a chance to tell your story.

Take care


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