Lesley’s Story

Lesley’s Story

Walk Just A Little with ME ...

I thought that if I just waited a little longer and focused on being patient, that our medicos would have it all worked out. So I waited and kept my trust in the learned world of medicine.

And I grew weaker and sicker

I comforted myself by thinking that everything was being done behind the scenes and that in time an answer would be found …and so I waited.

I couldnt physically endure my early morning beach walks anymore or my evening aerobics to the incredible Annie Lennox.

I encouraged myself to be patient and wait

I look out my windows at home and watch the birds and the trees blowing in the wind. I sit in my car parked at the beach and watch the sea and ships in the shipping channel and daydream myself into the picture of a day on the beach. I wind down the window and breathe in deeply. Happy but sad.

The isolation of this disease knows no bounds and reaches into every facet of my life, making me aware with a clarity that defies questioning that I am in this on my own.

All sufferers Are.

So what has this disease that has bypassed the rigors of biomedical research and jumped straight into Guessiatry and Thinkology – taken from my everyday life?

My ability to study at University;

My Physical strength and dexterity;

My ability to earn a living;

My chance to create personal wealth within a free enterprise system;


Family outings;

Dining in restaurants;

Shopping for birthday presents for my family;

Going to the hair dressers;

Being at school presentations when my children receive academic awards;

Walking down the street to get the weekend papers;

Walking the dog;

Generally being free to create a life of my own design.

I am housebound. Sometimes couch bound – Sometimes sleeping days away. No not depressed. Just too weak to function like a physically healthy person can.


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