Kathleen’s Story

Kathleen’s Story

I was stricken with this horrendous syndrome 20 years ago. I had a bout of flu and was just not myself for 2 months, picked up and then about a year later started to have a barrage of strange symptoms:  tingling on my face and scalp, and blurred vision.   After a  trip to my doctor,  he advised I should go see my eye doctor and dentist for a check-up.

 I slowly but surely started to go from bad to worse.  I experienced vibrating sensations, muscle twitching , and heaviness all over my body.  It felt as if my muscles had turned into  lead which was aggrevated  if I carried shopping or did anything strenous.

When I  went   back to my  doctor and told him about the symptoms I was experiencing, he said that to put my mind at rest that I didn’t have MS, he would send me for a spinal tap.    . I was dumb-founded as I didnt even know what the symptoms were for MS so why would I think I had it.

 I decided to write down everything that was going on and realized I had 33 symptoms.  When I related that to my doctor, I  was promptly told that there are no illnesses that have that many symptoms and he sent me packing with anti depressants.

I struggled with that for about 2 years but then I gradually got off all medications as it was doing me no good.. Over the years I have had mild symptoms that are more annoying than anything else. Nine years ago it all came back with a vengeance and can’t put finger on anything that might have caused the  relapse.  The relapse was horrendous.   I was working part time and although it was a huge struggle to continue  working,   I was so afraid to be at home alone so I continued to drag myself to work.

This time the symptoms were different.  I was experiencing  muscle stiffening on my torso, numbing sensations all over , head shaking ,and  constant buzzing in my ears.  It felt as if I was plugged in.  Eventually the symptoms eased up a little but always lingered/  .

One month ago, I was doing too much running around and lifting heavy objects  and started to feel horrendous again.  It has been like this for a month now.  My doctor reminds me that I have been there before and to take it easy.  That is very easy for him to say but I have a constant pressure in my head which is unbearable.

I have been prescribed beta blockers which  dont help much  but they do dull the vibrating sensations slightly.   My doctor diagnosed it ascalls it Fibromyalgia but on the sick note he gave me he wrote CFS.

 My heart goes out to anyone who is stricken with this illness.   I am constantly being told that I look so well and the .only thing that shows up in my blood work is thyroid antibodies  so I am on thyroxine but I honestly think it is connected but  they cant sort it out. .


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