John’s Story

John’s Story

Although much of the public feels
some one such as myself is defective,
I think my current lifestyle is typical of CFS patients.

For that reason, I want to focus on one aspect
of my CFS:
For many months circa 1999/2002, I was more
or less back to full health during the months
I was close to the equator (except when at high

The location/good health co-relation was very
clear.  There was nothing special I had to do,
or avoid, or ingest to be well when close to the
equator.  Nothing I did in Canada/US could make
me well.

I asked other CFS people who’d been close to the
equator how they’d been.  Well over half reported
being in good health during their time close to the
equator !

Being near the equator no longer makes me
well, except for perhaps the first few days.
I don’t know what caused my earlier good
health there – or what caused it to end.
My impression is that perhaps mould,
magnetism or EMF factors are at play.

I am dismayed that the doctors, schools,
health ministers, organizations I contacted,
were uninterested in following my observations up !

I hope someone with clout will get interested in
the location/CFS co-relation !   I’d be delighted
to co-operate !


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