The Forgotten’s Story

Dear Friends:

We have our first story written by a husband whose wife is ill. We get to listen to what it must be like to have someone who is chronically ill. I hope this opens up the door to others also participating as it is only through communication that wounds can be healed.



Dear Friends:
In Edith’s Story she relates how both medical doctors and naturopaths helped her to get better. I would like to hear from others who have had experiences with both and what has helped.
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Dear Friends:

Do you have a loved one in your life who is ill with ME/CFS and/or FM? Do you feel sometimes so overwhelmed that you want to run away and hide? When you care for a loved one who is ill, it sometimes seems that everyone is living their life around the sick person and their own lives are put on hold.

This is your chance to tell your story. As no one lets the ill person know how they are feeling, resentment can fester and eventually turn everyone’s life upside down. Take this opportunity to share your story so that we may know what it must be like to live with someone whose life has been put on hold and also has changed the lives of those around them.

The more we understand the feelings of others, the better we can cope and don’t let resentment stand in the way of a quality of life.

Please let me hear from you.

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Hi There:

Have you got ME/CFS and/or FM? Have you ever thought about writing down how your are feeling and what you are thinking? Here is a chance to tell your story. You may think there is no one else who feels like you do or is not overwhelmed by the different emotions you are struggling with.

You are having difficulty coping in school or you are not able to attend school at all. This can be a very lonely and isolating time and it feels like others are moving on while you are stuck in a time warp.

I want to hear from you so let me know how you are doing and feeling. There are others who know what you are going through so please share your story so that they too will get the courage to speak and take comfort in knowing they are not alone. .

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Unheard Voices: The Forgotten



In addition to Unheard Voices: My Story for those who are ill with ME/CFS and/or FM, I am also accepting stories from those who are living and/or acquainted with the person who is ill. They too deserve to be heard. Please pass on this message to those who would like to tell their story and remind them that their name and intimate information identifying them is not used or displayed on the website.

This is their chance to be heard and by seeing their stories, it will help those ill and those who know them. By understanding both sides, there is a chance to do more healing and get a better relationship which will benefit all.

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Tell your story

Dear Friends:

Some of you have written asking what your story should consist of and what length the articles can be. I have written down some answers some of you have asked:

  • Your Story can be any length;
  • You can write about a specific incident that occurred that has affected you;
  • You can write about when you first became ill and how you coped;
  • You can also write a poem instead;
  • There is no deadline for your Story;
  • Although you have to identify yourself to me for authenticity, we only publish as much of your identity as you are comfortable with;
  • You can use a pseudonym;
  • No one will be identified by name;
  • If you do not have a computer, writing by hand is fine and I will type it for you;
  • You can email me at;
  • You can send your story by landmail at
  • #512 – 33 Banner Road, Nepean, Ontario K2H 8V7 CANADA;
  • You can fax it to me at 613-829-8518

What is important is that you have a chance to tell your story.

Take care


Your story is unique


Dear Friends:
I have been hearing from some of you who feel that their story is not different from others. You therefore feel that it isn’t worth sending it in. Quite the contrary. Your story is unique as it is yours. True, there may be similarities but that doesn’t make it any less worthwhile to let it be heard.

Remember if energy or writing stops you from spending much time on your writing, do not worry about what the content looks like. I will make sure it does you justice.
You do not need to write your whole story. If you wish you could relate a particular incident that has been bothering you for a long time. Chances are that it has also bothered someone else.

Take care,